Energy saving through the correct ventilation

Electrical energy is an expensive commodity today. Due to the phase-out of nuclear energy, this situation will intensify considerably in the coming years. Thanks to our unique Intelli-Hood-System, we are able to control the supply and exhaust systems of your kitchens depending on the load.

The Intelli-Hood-System precisely measures the heat generated, as well as the smoke and steam in

the hood, and regulates the actually required supply and exhaust air volume in the hood, as well as in the entire kitchen area on the basis of the data obtained. The speed of the supply and exhaust air motors are regulated to the required level by frequency converters. This always ensures that the air balance between the required venting into the hood and the entire kitchen area is optimally guaranteed.

The Intelli-Hood-System can be integrated into any professional kitchen in hotels, nursing homes, canteens and restaurants. Integration and communication via a building management system is 100% guaranteed. Existing components, e.g. frequency converters, are integrated. Through remote monitoring, we guarantee that there is always an optimal function of your equipment. Regular evaluations of the data show the potential savings achieved.

Efficiency and sustainability through intelligent solutions

Benefit from our know-how

  • Tailor-made proposals for your facilities
  • Accurate calculation of all necessary data
  • Remote monitoring of your facilities
  • Energy optimization in the supply and exhaust air range of up to 75%
  • Energy optimization in air-conditioning of up to 50%
  • Regular evaluation of all data
  • ROI usually between 0.5 and 1.5 years

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