To produce the best possible yield of power and energy with low energy consumption is the focus of our activities and supports sustainability for our customers.

Ergo Power!
One has to move forward, to move ahead

ERGO! Power GmbH specializes in ventilation and lighting systems. With the overarching principle of reducing energy consumption and CO², our experts determine savings and optimization potentials in a company’s respective systems. We create tailor-made offers for your facilities, making investment amortization possible within a very short time.

Energy optimizations up to 75% in the air supply and exhaust area can be achieved, whilst in the air-conditioning and lighting range up to 50%. We guarantee the exact calculation of all necessary data, as well as regular evaluation of the data. In addition to the savings, also environmental awareness and sustainability in the internal and external relationships are documented.


In June 2016 we were awarded the Project of the Month by the EnergyAgency, Nordrhein-Westfalen, NRW (Ministry of the Environment) with our Intelli-Hood-System. More information can be found here