Energy saving through the right lighting concept

Is energy saving a relevant issue for you? Then we have the right approach for you. Electrical energy is an expensive commodity in nowadays. That’s why we offer many ways to reduce costs through the potential increased efficiency of used resources. Lighting systems can contribute a share of about 15% to 20% of the energy cost of your company.

Whether your existing installed lighting can withstand a cost-efficiency calculation can be clarified quickly and easily on-site. Our calculations take into consideration daylight, reflections from the walls and ceilings, as well as all other relevant parameters. Based on the results obtained, and from available data on your side, we produce our high-performance reflectors fully tailored to your specific circumstances, needs and requirements.

So, we can obtain an optimal illumination whilst at the same time providing approximately 50% saving of energy!

Effectiveness achieved through competent consulting and proper implementation

Benefit from our know-how

  • Manageable capital usage
  • Existing lighting can usually continue to be further used
  • Investment amortisation within a very short time
  • Optimal adjustment of lighting at workstations
  • Environmental awareness
  • Sustainability
  • Individual fabrication of lamps and lighting systems possible

When can we come and assess your existing lighting systems?

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