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Benefit from our know-how

  • Everything from one source
  • Expert advice
  • Planning / solution provider
  • Installation / mounting
  • Maintenance / repair
  • Optimization
  • Repair service
  • 24h emergency service

Your competent partner for heating, sanitary, ventilation and air conditioning


  • Installation/maintenance of heating systems (oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas)
  • Steam and condensation systems for industry and trade
  • Preventive maintenance to increase operating safety
  • Maintenance and inspection according to manufacturer documentation and guidelines
  • Specialist company according to § 19 / WHG (Water Resources Act)
  • Installation and setting up of tank and containers
  • Installation of liquid leakage indicators, limit indicators
  • Coating of sumps and collecting chambers
  • Solid-fuel - wood, gas, oil plants
  • Remote monitoring for heating systems
  • Design and creation of outdoor fireplaces and fireplace renovation
  • Solar systems, heat pumps for the production of hot water and heating support
  • Heat recovery systems to optimize the efficiency in machinery and plant
  • Preparation for testing of plant subject to monitoring
  • TÜV testing (government certification)
  • Photovoltaic power generation


  • Water chemistry, chemical and thermal water treatment
  • Rainwater harvesting to save on drinking water
  • Pressure-boosting installations for the stable supply of water
  • Installation and assembly of bathrooms (including bathroom furniture) in single and multi-family houses
  • Sewage and sewage separation systems for foreign substances (grease, petrol, etc.)
  • Lifting systems for drainage of fixtures under the backflow level
  • Construction of drinking water systems from different pipe material
    (Plastic, metal, copper)
  • Preventive maintenance to increase operational safety

Ventilation / Air Conditioning:

  • New installation of ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Supply and exhaust air systems for industry and commercial construction
  • Installation and assembly of ventilation units with heat recovery preventive maintenance to increase operational safety
  • Maintenance and inspection in accordance with manufacturer's documentation and guidelines Extraction systems for the workplace
  • Central vacuum cleaning systems for family houses to hotels


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