Together with you on a safe course

Would you like to change your job? Or are you looking for a job corresponding more to your qualifications? ERGO! is specialized in qualified occupations in the area of building services. If you are at home in one of these occupations, we may have something for you ... Take advantage of our good contacts and variety of possibilities we can offer you.

Send us your complete and most persuasive application – either in respect to a job offered or as an initiative application. We look forward to hearing from you. And do tell people about us for whom our services and accomplishments might be of interest. Although ERGO! cannot change the wind, we can with our expertise set the sails for your professional future.

ERGO! Haustechnik GmbH
Else-Sander-Straße 8
01099 Dresden

Tel: 0351/ 472 09 57
Fax: 0351/ 472 09 59

ERGO! Haustechnik GmbH
Hatzfelder Str. 213
42281 Wuppertal

Tel: 0202/ 26 48 03 40
Fax: 0202/ 26 48 03 60

You did not find a suitable position in our job exchange and would like to send us an initiative application? You are most welcome to send us your application documents online.